Case Study

JEC article about COGIT expertise in overmolding process to aeronautic application

 A JEC article (JCM 135) displays one of COGIT’s original approach to characterize the interface quality of overmolded interface between thermoplastic composite and PEKK over injected. Extract of the article : Using the overmolding process to manufacture aeronautic carbon/PAEK parts requires a better understanding of cohesion between thermoplastic materials. To determine the influence of process…

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Electric bike wheel hub with recycled composite – JEC Magazine n°133

COGIT Composites appears into JEC Magazine special mobility in its number 133 of april/may 2020. COGIT presents a project of recycling and reuse of thermoplastic composite addressed to a green application.             Link to JEC’s web page :« How it’s made? … » This full JEC Magazine’s article is also available here…

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Topology optimization and 3D printing of a crank

Author: Paul-Adrien TAVEAU, Christophe ROUA   Abstract: As COGIT Composites bought a 3D printer, the company has demonstrated its ability to use topology optimization and additive manufacturing by designing a crank and by printing it by the fused deposition modeling method. The use of a technical polymer proved to be decisive in meeting the objectives…

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