Stamping & Overmolding

Our expertise in overmolding in PEEK, PEKK, PPS, etc.

Since 2005, COGIT Composites has been building parts in high-performance thermoplastic composites, in particular based on PEEK and PEKK.

Here, we present a carbon trapdoor overmolded with a superpolymer.

COGIT Composites has the means to characterize the interface between the composite and the injected polymer, enabling us to produce high-quality over-injected zones.


This hatch was stamped by Sogeclair Equipment, expert in composite thermoplastics, and overmolded by COGIT Composites. The EB door is typically located underneath an aircraft cockpit.

COGIT was responsible for designing and overmolding added functions in advanced polymers, such as the watertight handle cavity, all the closing stops and the pivot axis.

Once again, we demonstrate our ability to produce overmoldings in PEEK, PEKK, PPS, etc... so as always to add value to structural parts and preserve the robust, reliable appearance of your parts.

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