OVERPRINTED Airplane door

Technological leader in 3D overprinting of advanced polymers.

As a technology leader in the field of 3D overprinting of advanced polymers, COGIT Composites has responded favorably to the Council for Civil Aeronautics Research (CORAC) to explore, with Airbus Atlantic, the possibilities offered by this emerging technology.


Overprinting consists in printing a polymer directly onto an existing composite part (also known as a "substrate"), with the aim of reinforcing it and/or giving it special properties and functions (rigidity, increased impact resistance, improved thermal conductivity, etc.).

The aim of this pioneering project was to obtain a "Proof Of Concept" concerning the feasibility of 3D overprinting in PEEK (carbon-filled) on a PAEK substrate, with the addition of various inserts along the way.

COGIT Composites rose to the challenge, thanks to its technical expertise and pellet extruder.

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