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We think your project

According to your project, we define an industrial approach to composites parts, through fonctionnal study, AMDEC, economical evaluation, pre-calculation and pre-design.

 We look for the most appropriate technological solutions for your needs.


Analyze: Business needs and user expectations - The state of the art and the tracks of progress - Opportunities for innovation


Stimulate: Product and system improvements - Collaborative R&D Teams - Creativity for the emergence of concepts


Evaluate: Technico-economic relevance - The level of industrial maturity - Solutions with high potential in a decision matrix


Realize: The consolidation of the preliminary project - Technological demonstrators and prototypes - Your development projects - The definition of the industrial tool


The functional analysis of a set of parts allows a judicious integration of "composite" elements by a redistribution of mechanical constraints, stylistic, objectives, ...

The AMDEC analysis is a methodological tool of risk-relieving particularly effective in industrial projects. This approach identifies potential risks over the life of the product and makes "cogitate" on the preventive actions to be taken to limit them.

Objective cost design is a project management method whose main purpose is to guarantee at the end of the project the objectives of the costs fixed at the start of the projects.

During the course of the project, this means that all decisions are made to meet the costs.

Regular estimates are needed to monitor costs. The design relies on creative methods to find the best compromise between the need to cover and the cost requirements.

The Taguchi method is a statistical method for realizing experimental plans. Applied in industry, this method concentrates primarily on minimizing variations around the set value. Theobjective is to obtain products, processes and systems as robust and insensitive to external disturbances as possible.

Finally, depending on the level of involvement, COGIT Composites can accompagny you with technical and strategic advice until the project is taken over (technical, organizational, financial).

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