COGIT Composites participates in the Cosmos project of IRT Jules Verne

Today, many parts of interfaces are reported by mechanical assembly. This solution represents recurring and high production costs. The transition to the thermoplastic composite gives access to the welding of functionalities (welding, overmolding) and thus allows a reduction in assembly operations leading to the reduction of production costs and the mass savings sought in the aerospace industry.

The project should improve the knowledge of the PEKK material and take into account its properties in the development of the process; develop a tooling concept compatible with the material, the processes and the types of parts; optimize the process by simulation by accelerating the development; propose a methodology for controlling the part and the process.

In the Cosmos project, COGIT Composites is involved in two specific areas. We perform hot forming characterization tests of:

  • woven carbon
  • PEKK and UniDirectional
  • PEKK for stamping simulation

For this, we execute tests up to 400 ° C such as text extension, cantilever test, picture frame …
Furthermore, we perform PEKK overmoldings on carbon / PEKK composites; in particular, these are specific test specimens for over-molding interface characterization.