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COGIT Composites has been involved in SAMPE Europe Conferences (1)

COGIT Composites had displayed two scientific posters during SAMPE Europe conference in Nantes (spet. 2019). Christophe ROUA, our R&D manager, had also been present as a speaker. Today, you could discover one of these posters whose theme is : “Advanced simulation of the thermo-stamping of Complex composite part” – C. ROUA – sept 2019 Abstract…

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COGIT Composites participates in the Cosmos project of IRT Jules Verne

Today, many parts of interfaces are reported by mechanical assembly. This solution represents recurring and high production costs. The transition to the thermoplastic composite gives access to the welding of functionalities (welding, overmolding) and thus allows a reduction in assembly operations leading to the reduction of production costs and the mass savings sought in the…

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Topology optimization and 3D printing of a crank

Author: Paul-Adrien TAVEAU, Christophe ROUA   Abstract: As COGIT Composites bought a 3D printer, the company has demonstrated its ability to use topology optimization and additive manufacturing by designing a crank and by printing it by the fused deposition modeling method. The use of a technical polymer proved to be decisive in meeting the objectives…

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